Lung Screening

This section provides resources for patients and health care providers on Lung cancer screening.

Lung Cancer Screening Patient Brochure

This Brochure provides information for patients on Lung Cancer screening. View in Chinese | Vietnamese 

Lung Cancer Screening Poster

This poster provides information for patients and health care providers on lung cancer screening. View in Chinese | Vietnamese

Information for Primary Care Providers

This two pager provides information for Primary Care Providers.

Lung Cancer Primary Care Providers FAQs

This information sheet provides FAQs for Primary Care Providers.

ALCSP Lung Cancer Risk Calculator and Referral Form

This form can be used by a Primary Care Provider by reviewing the criteria and faxing to Screening Programs.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The material provided here is intended for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional health care. Please open the link and begin using the form. (For health provider use only.)

Tobacco Cessation FAQs

This FAQ provides information on the Enhanced Tobacco Cessation Program.

ALCSP Patient Pathway

This poster shows the patient pathway for the Alberta Lung Cancer Screening Program.

ALCSP Business Card

The Unsung Lung Podcast

Dr. Alain Tremblay and Stephanie Fisher Dortman discuss lung cancer screening, risk factors related to lung cancer, and tips to reduce your chances of developing the disease! Listen below:

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Amazon Podcast


This link is for the ALCSP session done for health care providers on lung cancer screening